Which Type Of Gambling Fits Your Snooker Personality?

Which Type Of Gambling Fits Your Snooker Personality?

We all know that there are plenty of different playing styles when it comes to snooker, with every type of player taking a subtly different approach to the game that suits their personality the most. Coming from an online gambling background, we know that the same holds true for the personalities of gamblers, with different playing styles being attracted to different games.

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A recent conversation about how personality traits affects how and what we play got us thinking about the intersection of snooker and online gambling, and lead us to thinking about what kinds of casino games suit which kinds of snooker players. We collated what we think those match ups would be below and have some pretty solid justifications – if you give us a little creative licence!

The Analyser – Blackjack

You take about 20 minutes to work out what shot you’re going to attempt and then another five minutes to eye everything up to work out the exact angles you’ll need to work with. While it’s definitely sensible and advisable to spend some time analysing your options, you take it to obsessive extremes in your quest for the perfect shot.

So, when it comes to casino gambling, which game is right for you? In our opinion, you want to keep things under control and give yourself plenty of room for decision making, which is why blackjack is your game. While there’s the one big glaring aspect of uncertainty attached to blackjack – after all, you can’t exactly predict how the cards will fall – you have the autonomy to make decisions about the game to try and achieve the outcome you’re after.

You can also increase your decrease your risk depending on your appetite. If you want even more options, Felt Gaming has released a whole range of blackjack games with additional side bets, which make it possible to win on side wagers, even if you lose the main hand!

The Risk Taker – Jackpot Slots

The antithesis of The Analyser, you’re the kind of player who is willing to take a punt at the most difficult of slots, and while you might miss more often than you pocket a ball, the feeling when you do eventually make one of these super hard shots simply cannot be beaten. If you fancy trying out casino gambling, then there’s one type of game that has your name all over it: progressive jackpot slots.

These games take a few pence from ever wager every player makes on them and add them to a prize pot, when someone gets the right combination of symbols from a spin, they’ll win the entire pot, which can often reach into the millions. These games tend to be high volatility, meaning they pay out infrequently, but when they do pay out, hold on to your hats because you’re in for a big prize.

While arguably the most popular and highest paying jackpot slot out there is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, for our money you should really be checking out the Mega Jackpots range from IGT.

The Distractor – Slots Tournaments

You’ve got a decent competitive streak in you, but it’s all directed in the wrong direction. Instead of spending your time making sure you’re the best player possible, you waste your energy wearing down your opposition with goofy antics and distracting displays. Instead of expending all that energy, we’d suggest an alternative outlet for your undeniably high levels of competitiveness: slots tournaments.

While not strictly speaking a game type in their own right, these tournaments allow you to take on other players while enjoying great slots. Slots tournaments can prove tricky to track down, as casino sites can offer them relatively rarely and sporadically. Luckily, there are plenty of casino news and reviews sites – such as All NetEnt Casinos – where you’ll be able to discover all the latest slots tournament news, and hone your competitive edge in a far more productive way.

The Trick Shot Player – Live Tables

You’re the kind of snooker player, who cares less about winning the game outright and more about being noticed for the quality of their trick shots. You’re a natural-born showman with a penchant for being seen when you play. There’s really only one kind of online casino game that’s right for you and that’s live table games.

Doing away with the anonymity of video casino games, these games give you the chance to interact with a real live dealer as you play, and have them and other players appreciate your playing style. The great thing about these games – other than the opportunity to show off – is the fact that they make the online casino experience feel more real than with any other game available.

Until virtual reality goes fully mainstream and we can all pretend that we’re in a real casino from the comfort of our own homes, live dealer tables are the next best things available right now. Indulge your inner exhibitionist and give them a go today!

The (Semi) Pro – Poker

You take snooker very seriously and have no time for people messing about. Your mates might take the piss out of you from time to time for being so earnest about the game, but the fact that you can beat them all back to back is testament to how effective your dedication is and how much your practice has been paying off. While you’re not quite at a professional level yet, you have aspiration. The casino game that’s right for you is arguably the most obvious we have on this list: poker.

That’s right. All you need to do is switch one felt table for another and you’re all set to enjoy a game taken seriously by a vast majority of those playing. It’s technically a game of chance, but there’s a hefty amount of skill involved when it comes to bluffing your way to the top and your serious snooker face has been the perfect practice for getting your poker face ready. Remember – practice makes perfect.  

Posted Jun 23, 2017
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