WPBSA Receives 100% Support in EGM

WPBSA Receives 100% Support in EGM

World Snooker's governing body held an EGM today to consider a new set of articles of association. The WPBSA (World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association) received 100 per cent support of votes in favour of the new constitutional changes.

The new articles provided key changes in the modernization of the company. Some of those changes are:


- Permanently setting the number of board directors to five, with a minimum of two player directors.
- Extending voting rights to all members ranked 1 - 96, enabling a fairer and more democratic voting system.
- Removing the minimum age limit of 16 and maximum age limit of 70 for members.


WPBSA chairman Jason Ferguson said: "I am delighted with this vote of confidence. With the commercial side of the sport going from strength to strength, it is vital that the govening body remains strong and cost effective, and this result today is testament to the stability we now have in snooker."

Article from World Snooker



It is good to see that all the people that voted in this EGM gave their full support to the new regime and its constitutional changes. It is great that now all the players ranked from 1-96 have a vote whenever there is a meeting (used to just be 1-64) and gives a broader range of opinions to whatever is being voted for. The age changes also sound quite interesting, especially if it means (I am not 100% sure on this one) that players under the age of 16 can qualify for the professional tour. If that is so we might be seeing younger talent alot earlier than we have been used to.

Posted Mar 21, 2011
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