WPBSA Coaching Scheme Announced

WPBSA Coaching Scheme Announced

Today the WPBSA announced its brand new coaching programme at the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield. It will be run by former world champions Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths over the course of a weekend.

From the World Snooker website:



"Full details of the new coaching scheme are provided below, including a detailed description of the programme for the two-day course. If you are interested in applying, Click Here For The Application Form

The WPBSA are embarking on a brand new coaching programme to grow the game to support Barry Hearn's snooker resurgence.


Have you got the drive, personality and passion to motivate people into the game of snooker?


If the answer is Yes - then we can offer you the opportunity to become a World Snooker Coach.


We will grow your coaching skills over a two day development programme led by six times World Champion, Steve Davis, and North Lancs Training Group's Chris Lovell together with the 1979 World Champion and top coach, Terry Griffiths.


We will also offer you the chance to be part of the world snooker coaching team which will include full support after the 2 day programme.


The coaching team will meet on a regular basis via seminars and workshops to discuss the development of the game at grass roots level backed by the professional game.


The course will offer delegates the opportunity to:


• Develop their coaching and instructional skills with different groups of people under the guidance of Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths

• Represent World Snooker in your area

• Grow and develop the game with advice on how to set up coaching programmes with individuals, clubs, schools and government bodies etc.

• Liaise with and contact the media

• Understand their responsibilities with regards to child protection and safeguarding

• Liaise with other coaches on a regular basis with seminars and workshops with guest speakers such as John Parrott

• Understand the rules of snooker

• Debate techniques and coaching theories with Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths

• Be part of a team that compiles the World Snooker Coaching Manual

• Develop part time/full time income from the game

• Receive advice and guidance on marketing themselves with full support available after the course, including tips on creating posters etc.

• Arrange trips to ranking events


Each coach will receive a coach's tool kit:
2 polo shirts
1 jacket
Carrying case
Copy of Rules of Snooker


All carrying the World Snooker coaching logo. Please note these are only issued to qualified World Snooker coaches.


Each successful candidate will receive a framed certificate.


Each attendee will have the opportunity to have their picture taken individually and within the group with Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths; these will be personally signed.


The 2 day course offers all daytime/lunchtime refreshments together with hotel accommodation.


An opportunity for all course delegates to have an evening meal together will be available in the centre of Sheffield; transport provided.


Steve Davis says: "I've been a snooker player since I was 15 years old. Right from the outset the technical aspects of the game have fascinated me. I was lucky that my father was not only a snooker fan but also a 'believer' in the book written by the 'Godfather' of the game, Joe Davis.


"Joe's belief was that you could upgrade your standard of play by upgrading your standard of technique. While every player, including top professionals, have their own idiosyncrasies of techniques, it is hard to argue with a philosophy that says that if a player improves their technique they will improve their game, even a player of Ronnie O'Sullivan's standard!


"From a coach's perspective however, the vast majority of the time is not spent addressing a top standard of play but more about getting players to be proficient enough to enjoy the game and encouraging them to return to the snooker club!


"The question then becomes "what is a coach's role?"


"The answer is 'supplying the demand' and that is why I think we now have set in motion the most sophisticated coaching accreditation that the WPBSA has offered so far. Based on the great work that Terry Griffiths started up and continuing the enthusiasm that was very much a part of the previous team of Del Hill, Garry Baldrey and Mike Dunn, we are now in a position to offer prospective coaches a three pronged attack at the subject of coaching. From Chris Lovell's expertise in training, marketing and communication through to Terry Griffiths' understanding of how to coach a coach, through to my 38 years of torment trying to understand the dynamics of a cue action! We are now able to supply that demand.


"Whether you are an enthusiast hoping to help generate interest on a Saturday morning at the local club or a coach aiming to help out at a professional level, we will be able to empower you along the way. Backed up with regular seminars for all coaches, I am sure that the coaching community will start to blossom and fulfil an important role in improving the standard and development of the game from encouraging participation at grass roots level right up to helping a pro get the most from his or her ability.

"Good luck!"



To be eligible to undertake the programme you need to meet the following criteria:


An individual, minimum 18 years of age, who has experience and proven knowledge of the game of snooker.



Candidates will be assessed on 3 occasions during the two days by each of the course leaders. Emphasis will be on communication skills supported by technical knowledge.
Any candidate who is unsuccessful will have the opportunity to retake the part of the course which they were unsuccessful in, free of charge, on up to three occasions. Successful candidates will receive a framed certificate of competence signed by Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths.


Criminal Record Bureau Checks (CRB)

The initial Criminal Record Bureau check will take place before you undertake the programme, the cost of which will be covered within the payment of the coaching programme. Should you fail this check, you will not be permitted to take the course and World Snooker will take an administration fee of £20 and refund you the remaining amount.
The WPBSA will ensure its coaches complete an annual CRB check in order to ensure we maintain a safe environment for all persons under the age of 18 and any vulnerable adults taking part in any WPBSA coaching.


An annual fee of £50 will be charged to maintain a coach's status; this is to cover the annual CRB check.


Equality & Diversity

The WPBSA will ensure that it treats people fairly and with respect and that it will provide access and opportunities for all members of the community to take part in the game of snooker in an atmosphere free from harassment, bullying, discrimination or abuse whilst having fund.
The WPBSA is committed to providing a service which meets the needs of any individual.



The initial course fee also covers the first year's membership. A membership card will be issued on an annual basis. Thereafter there will be no charge for membership.



The cost of the course is £899.00 including VAT which is inclusive of CRB check and 1st year's coaching membership, together with hotel accommodation and meals, excluding dinner on the evening of day one.


Course venue

Courses will be held at the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield.



Day 1


9.00 a.m. Welcome and Introductions
Meet the WPBSA coaching team of Steve Davis, Terry Griffiths and Chris Lovell


Course objectives and ice breaker


10.00 a.m. How to coach the basics of the game
Led by Terry Griffiths this session will allow delegates to work with Terry on how to coach the basics of the game from picking up a cue to addressing the cue ball.
By the end of the session delegates will be competent in demonstrating to the group one aspect of delivering the basics of the game to a beginner.


12.30 p.m. Lunch with Steve and Terry in the ELS Cafe.


1.30 p.m. Led by Steve Davis delegates will begin to take part in the most inclusive approach to snooker coaching within the modern game.
Steve will begin by using Joe Davis's bible "How I play snooker" and subsequently examine different types of technique.
Delegates will be offered specific guidelines on how to develop ability as opposed to pursuing a text book approach. By the end of the session delegates will be able to differentiate between various types of technique and demonstrate to the group verbally how they would address this through their coaching methods.


5.30 p.m. Review day one


6.00 p.m. Conclusion


Day 2


8.00 a.m. onwards - refreshments provided in the ELS Cafe.


9.00 a.m. The role of the World Snooker coach
World Snooker Coach Code of Practice
Developing the game in your area
How to contact snooker clubs, schools, councils, community groups and the police.
Good coach, bad coach, a DVD examining the difference between a good and bad coach.


How to market yourself
Presentation is key!!
Coach's tool kit
Would you trust you?
How to develop promotional materials cost efficiently
How to promote yourself in the media FREE!!


This is me - practical exercise


By the end of this session you will be able to communicate with a prospective customer i.e. player or organisation and explain what you have to offer in a professional manner.


12.00 p.m. Lunch in the ELS Cafe


1.00 p.m. Child protection/Safeguarding
An explanation of the types of child protection situations a coach may come in contact with and how the WPBSA will support coaches in such circumstances.


2.00 p.m. Coaching different types of players
Types of players and how to adapt your instructional coaching technique
Barriers to learning


3.30 p.m. Planning a session
How to plan a session dependent of your player(s) or groups' needs or requirements.


How to complete a session report and maintain your records.


4.00 p.m. Reflection and final assessment.
Presentation of certificates together with the World Snooker Coaches Toolkit.
Evaluation questionnaires.


5.00 p.m. Course concludes


Hotel accommodation and refreshments


All are included within the course fee apart from dinner on the evening of day one, where an opportunity exists for the group to dine in the heart of Sheffield City centre, 500 yards from the famous Crucible Theatre.
Transport will be provided but the cost of the meal/drinks is self funded.


A photo opportunity will be available outside the famous Crucible Theatre.



All in all it sounds like a great package for anyone that wants to spread the good word of the game around in their local area and to work with two of the best players and coaches the game has ever seen in the form of Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths. I would recommend this to anyone that has ever thought about taking their coaching to a more serious level.



Posted Jan 28, 2011
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