UK Championship 2011 - Judd Trump v Neil Robertson Live

UK Championship 2011 - Judd Trump v Neil Robertson Live

Updates, results and photos live from Day 7 of the Snooker UK Championship 2011 at the Barbican Centre, York. It's semi-final time as Judd Trump faces Neil Robertson today for a place in the final. Neither of the left-handers has reached the final of this event before.

William Hill UK Snooker Championship Logo 2011

The Barbican Centre, York - 3-11 December 2011




UK Championship 2011 - Day 7 Live - Judd Trump v Neil Robertson


Judd Trump 9-7 Neil Robertson - 71-60 , 92-12 (84), 45-73, 16-116 (67)
70-12, 12-114 (105), 70-23 (69), 0-77 (77), 69-56
54-59, 66-49, 73-21 (73), 30-79, 0-83 (83), 67-15 (51), 64-36


12.43 - Got to York around 11.30 and been in the media room for half an hour or so and it's always nice to catch up with some of the other bloggers and journos. Just had a look in the arena, the one table setup looks fantastic. Check out some of the photos here.


UK Championship snooker media room 2011

Set up in the media room at the Barbican!


12.51 - First session of the semi-finals have started, Judd Trump v Neil Robertson. Still 0-0 at the moment, Judd gets off to a good start with a 51 but a cracking long pot gets Neil back in and hes in with a chance of winning the first frame in this best-of-17 match. Meanwhile in the media room, BBC Snooker MC Rob Walker is entertaining us with reading out some of the morning's funnier stories in the papers, great character on and off the screen.


UK Championship Snooker Trophy 2011

The trophy everyone wants this week.


13:10 - Judd Trump nicks the first frame after a costly mistake on the final blue by Neil Robertson, 1-0 to Judd. The young lad from Bristol looks to be taking the second frame after a couple mistakes from Neil, already 76 and counting...

13.15 - Lovely 84 break by Judd gives him a 2-0 lead over Neil. Neil needs to step up his game, Judd is playing his described 'naughty snooker' at the moment!

13.17 - Media room full of bloggers and Tweeters now, Roland from Snooker Island, photographer Monique Limbos, On Q Promotions' Janie Watkins, journalist Hector Nunns and Mr SnookerBacker himself!

13.40 - Another frame goes down to the colours, this time its Neil Robertson who pinches it, only 2-1 behind now. Quick game so far.

13.55 - More of a textbook frame for Neil, takes two frames in a row to level the match back at 2-2 going in to the interval. Could be anyones game when they resume. Off to take some photos.

14.44 - Just been in for the 5th frame to grab some photos of the boys, will upload shortly. Amusing incident as Judd hits the pink ball from trying to get out a snooker and referee Leo Scullion had a difficult time in respotting the balls even with the help of scorer Ivy Zhu. Eventually with help from both Neil and Judd to much amusement of the crowd he eventually got the balls back in the right place. He got the escape right on the third attempt and went on to take the frame to lead Neil 3-2.


Neil Robertson Judd Trump Leo Scullion Snooker UK Championship 2011

Referee Leo Scullion calls on the boys to give him some assistance!


15.00 - Fantastic 105 from Neil Robertson to draw level at 3-3. Terrific shot screwing back on the final pink the length of the table to get position on the black. Fantastic match so far from both, even though its in its early stages it has a decider written all over it.

15.24 - Well controlled break of 69 puts Trump back in the lead 4-3 over Robertson. In the 8th frame Neil is in the balls and currently on a break of 54 and looking good to level the match once again. Both players trading punches here at the Barbican.

15.28 - And Neil does win the frame, a break of 77 puts him back level once again 4-4 with Judd. Session is over now, both players played well throughout, Judd stronger at the start and Neil stronger towards the end. Still impossible to predict a winner. Check out the photos from the match here.


Judd Trump Snooker UK Championship 2011 Neil Robertson Snooker UK Championship 2011

4-4 between Judd Trump and Neil Robertson at the end of the afternoon, tough to pick a winner.


19.05 - Back in the Barbican after a rest and some dinner now time for the conclusion of the Trump/Robertson match. If you live in the UK you can watch the match live here - and if you live outside the UK you can watch it live here -

19.13 - Both players missed a couple chances in the 9th frame but eventually Trump gets in and is in prime position to win the frame. 36-0 up.

19.29 - Many chances for both players in the end but after Neil attempted a very tricky long red and missed it gave Judd the chance to clear up to the final black to pinch the frame. 5-4 to Judd. Will Neil repeat the pattern of the match and come back to level or will Judd go two clear for the first time since the start of the match?


Judd Trump Snooker UK Championship 2011

Judd steals the 9th frame to take a 5-4 lead. Could it be crucial?


19.49 - Another frame going down to the last couple of balls, Neil Robertson has a slim 37-36 lead with two reds on the table. Who will win the safety battle?

20.08 - High drama at the Barbican as the 9th frame goes down to the final black. Both Judd and Neil attempted a double but missed it. Unfortunately though Judd stuck it up after his attempt and Neil slotted it in with a roar and a fist pump. Definitely a big frame for Neil and it showed. 5-5.

20.26 - Costly mistake for Neil lets Judd back in to once again take a lead, 6-5. Neil has never been in the lead in this match, will he get it when it matters?


Neil Robertson Judd Trump Snooker UK Match Stats 2011

Match stats so far. Judd has the lead but Neil has almost 100 extra points, shows the frames have been close.


20.48 - A top class break of 73 which included an extremely thin cut on a red which Judd described as a 'naughty clip' has put the Bristolian clear by two frames for the first time since the start of the match. 7-5.

21.07 - The boys are back from the interval now and straight away Neil Robertson knocks in one of his trademark long pots and gets perfect position on the black. Break of 38 and counting so far, desperately needs to win this frame.

21.19 - Neil Robertson pots a red followed by an incredible brown in to the middle pocket to land perfectly on a red but has a massive kick on the following black. A good long pot gets him back on course to win the frame, Judd needs a snooker.

21.29 - After Judd attempts to get snookers for a good few minutes Neil finally pots the red which makes him concede. Neil is once again only one frame behind Judd at 7-6.


Snooker UK Judd Trump Neil Robertson Match Stats

Still Trump has the lead but Robertson has more total points.


21.53 - Almost straight away Judd gets in but misses a black and leaves it in the jaws. An extended safety session followed and reds went everywhere in the baulk, eventually the white found itself in the bunch. After both Neil and Judd had to take a mid-frame toilet break in this crucial part of the match a re-rack was eventually decided after much tip-tapping.

22.15 - After a re-rack and over 25 minutes with no balls potted Neil Robertson produces an incredible 83 break to once again level the match at 7-7. The Australian has never been ahead in this match, could he do it here? Only a best of 3 match now for a place in the UK final.

23.22 - In the end it was Judd Trump who came through to reach his maiden semi-final tonight 9-7. In the final frame Neil's long potting was a sharp as ever, cracking in two long reds. But unfourtunately he missed an easy green later on and left Judd with a mid-range pot to win the match.

Judd Trump described his performance tonight as "Naught snooker, not quite naughty enough!" and that he wasn't afraid facing anyone, he treats all his opponents the same. Also he said that his experience in the world championship and china open final this year would give him an advantage over either Walden who hasn't reached a final since 2008 and Allen who has never.


Judd Trump Snooker 2011

Judd Trump, through to the final.


Posted Dec 9, 2011
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