Snooker Psychology - Psychological Issues

Snooker Psychology - Psychological Issues

Here is a selection of psychological issues presented by snooker players of all standards that were of concern in different ways - Article by Ed Grimshaw

Here is a selection of psychological issues presented by players  of all standards that were of concern in different ways.


  1. “Confidence” - a catch all for many issues.
  2. Useful states - accessing ideal states for snooker
  3. Mindsets - beliefs that are useful
  4. Accessing self belief - how you represent your own ability to yourself
  5. Self Belief – Unable to Win Certain Games or Tournaments
  6. Self Image - how you see yourself as a player, sportsman etc
  7. Transferring form from the practise table to match play and important events.
  8. Mental Blocks – certain shots – certain situations
  9. Improving Concentration and Focus - attention in and on the game
  10. Composure & Balance - stability under pressure
  11. Inconsistency - best, norm and worst - variation of
  12. Not improving or going backwards - not developed as a player/stagnation
  13. Handling Pressure - self explanatory
  14. Dealing with Distractions - staying aligned with the game
  15. Self limiting behaviour - bad habits & routines
  16. Personal Conflicts - addictions etc.
  17. Motivation – Quality Practise & Winning Mentality
  18. Accessing top form states
  19. Developing the winning mentality - Killer instinct etc, determination
  20. Handling Mistakes & Misses - Reset stategies
  21. Healing the Wounds of Battle - Dealing with sports related trauma - mental scarring.

The above are just a few of the key areas that present problems to players. Each one has its own set of solutions depending on the personal patterns of behaviour and the history of the individual. When one problem is solved it often has productive and useful repercussions on other ones. It often is like peeling an onion as one problem is solved a more fundamental issues appears beneath the surface. It does however mean that thsi can be worked on to even greater benefit.

Technical coaching might only scratch the surface superficially and the presenting symptoms may manifest themselves in other ways in a counterproductive way

By Ed Grimshaw

Posted Aug 29, 2011
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