Simple Snooker Rules Every Beginner Should Know

Simple Snooker Rules Every Beginner Should Know

Snooker is one of the all time best recreational games a person can play yet. The game requires much mental calculation as well as it requires focus, precision and many other physical qualities.

Snooker does a lot in helping to sharpen the mind of its players to a more than average mind.

A lot of people have adopted playing snooker as a recreational game in order to keep their mind sharp and at alert all the time as well as for the sheer fun and competition plus intrigue that accompanies the game. However, there are certain rules that guide the game you must learn as a beginner and we will discuss them in this article, here are some of them:

You are only allowed to hit the cue ball and in turn the cue ball will hit other balls to the direction you have sent them.

You are not allowed to pot the cue ball when there are still red balls remaining on the table

On each turn of play, your first shot must be aimed at hitting the red ball with the cue ball.

Just like ibet789 Thailand, Once you have committed a foul or you failed to port a ball, then your turn ends and your opponent is to play.

Once you have hit the cue ball, it must make contact with your on ball or else it counts as a foul against you.

The penalty for touching any ball on the board while the game is still on is a minus of four points or the value of the ball you have touched or accidentally potted. The game ends when all balls on the table have been potted, or one player concedes the frame.


Many people in time past have caught an interest in the game of snooker but because of confusion and lack of understanding on what the game is about, they dropped the interest. These points that have been listed in this article will sure help you understand the basics of snooker and help to retain your interest in the game for a long time.

Posted Jun 27, 2018
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