Q School 2011 - Lasse Münstermann Interview

Q School 2011 - Lasse Münstermann Interview

The fourth of our exclusive interviews with one of the top players competing at this month's Q School event. Lasse Munstermann is one of Germany's top Snooker players and was a regular face at the EPTC events around Europe last year.

32-year-old Lasse Münstermann from Göttingen is probably one of the most famous snooker players in Germany and had a brief stint on the main tour during the 2000/2001 but dropped off straight away due to not winning enough matches.

This three-times National German Champion has tasted success recently by beating tour pros Jimmy White and Adrian Gunnel in the EPTC events, is a regular guest commentator on German EuroSport and appeared as a Wildcard in the recent German Masters tournament.

Can he fulfil Germany's dream of having a top player on the main tour at last and make him a household name to Snooker fans? He only needs to reach one of the semi-finals of the three Q School events (more details here) to make it, easier said than done though!


Lasse Munstermann Snooker


What first got you into playing Snooker?
My father played carom and made me understand and love the game at the age of 11.


Who is your biggest inspiration in Snooker?
To be honest. It is my mind. Every day I go out to play I learn new things about Snooker, myself, mental things. All the years I played one day was not like the other. This to me is pure inspiration. Try everytime the best – not more!


Out of all the Snooker matches you have watched on television, which was your favourite?
I can't really remeber. Most of the time I play myself leaving no time to watch it too. I like to see Mark Selby playing. When he is on fire this is pure perfection to me.


What did you think of the German Masters in Berlin? Was it well received by the fans and players?
We had a world record of ticket sales. More than 2000 people in the hall. 5 Tables to look at the same time from all seats. Perfect broadcasting from Eurosport. All the players were happy and couldn't believe this intense atmosphere. This was one of the most important steps in German snooker history!

What made you want to enter the Q School this year?
Easy Question, easy Answer. Qualifying to the main tour.


Lasse Munstermann Snooker Club

Image courtesy - LasseMunstermann.de

Where do you practice the most and why do you choose that club over others?
I practice in my own club (Der Snookerclub Lasse Münstermann) on a Riley Aristocrat silver leg table. Pictures and more info on www.lassemuenstermann.de (only German, sorry)


How is Snooker developing in Germany? Are the fans hungry for more events?
It is growing a lot. Many new players. Hungry to pot balls... New clubs with Snookertables. New tournaments. PTC and EPTC Events in Germany with all the professionals on board. Big events away from the torunament circuit. All together an extreme developing market.


In the next 10 years do you think we will see more players from Germany on the main tour?


How many hours on average a day will you be practicing on the run-up to the Q School?
4-6 hours a day was my preaparation in order to be ready and fit.


Lasse Munstermann Snooker


Out of the 124 players entering the Q School, who wouldn't you want to be drawn against?
I can't answer this question. ;-) But anyway. To win this competition means playing brilliant players. Only the best will win. Therefore I just need to play a little bit better than anyone.


Will you have to make any sacrifices on the run up to the Q School?
Well, I didn't see my girlfriend, family, friends and so on. I have been in the Snooker club all the time. But this is my job an profession. Everybody knows, understands, and most important of all accepts that.


Do you consider the UK Championship or the Masters a more prestigious tournament?
I think as a player the UK is a bit more interesting. More points for the ranking if I know that fact right.


Do you think Barry Hearn's changes to the sport have all been positive?
What I can say is that Snooker really needed a change. It was on a dangerous road to maybe nowhere. But the changes beeing done I have the feeling that things go in a perfect way now. Playing more tournaments. Getting more chances for the main tour. Being together with the professionals more often. This is a brilliant start for a new Snooker world.


Lasse Munstermann Snooker

Image courtesy - On Q Promotions

What would you change about the game to try and bring more young players in?
Nothing. The game is at 100%. Nothing needs to be changed at all with Snooker itself. It's the way people have to come to the sport. With the fundings available a lot is being tried already. But this is surely not enough. So give it more money then more youngsters will play the game. I think it's as hard and easy as that.

Do you think Judd Trump should be the new flag-bearer for the game?
If Snooker really needs one why not!? He is a brilliant player with a bright future. If he can handle the new pressure being a top Snooker star well. Yes I think he can be the new flag-bearer.

If you reached a semi-final in the Q School and get on to the main tour, what would be your perfect way to celebrate?
Champagne! Friends. Fun. Party. Bars. Champagne. And so on!!! ;-)


Lasse Munstermann Snooker


Big thanks to Lasse for taking time out of his heavy practice schedule and answering our questions. All the best for the Q School and lets hope you do Germany proud!


Lasse is interviewed by the BBC in this video shown during the World Championship. Skip to 8 minutes 38 seconds to see him.

Posted May 12, 2011
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