Following a full and comprehensive investigation into a match at the UK Championship in December 2008, the Scottish Crown Counsel has decided that there is insufficient evidence to justify a criminal prosecution.

This case has now been referred to the WPBSA for consideration of disciplinary proceedings against the two members who contested the match, Stephen Maguire and Jamie Burnett.

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: "We are treating this case very seriously. We will now be given access to the evidence connected with the case, and our disciplinary committee will review that evidence thoroughly."


Stephen Maguire and Jamie Burnett 2008 UK Championship


There must be a mixed feeling of relief and more to worry about now for Stephen and Jamie. They are now safe of any criminal prosecution from the Police but their is always a chance that the WPBSA could give them a punishment as well. This could even be a match suspension similar to the one John Higgins had last year and a fine if they are found guilty by the disciplinary committee.


Here is a piece from BBC news when the story first came out