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Pink Ribbon 2011 - Day 2

Pink Ribbon 2011 - Day 2

Photos, results and more from day 2 at the Pink Ribbon 2011 tournament at the South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester. This was the last full day of pre-qualifying for the main event and dozens of amateurs were battling for a place in the final rounds tonight and saturday.

Pink Ribbon

Click here for the South West Snooker Academy website and to see the draw.

You can see photos of some of the other players from Day 2 on the Maximum Snooker facebook page (tag anyone you recognise!)


Ryan Causton Pink Ribbon Snooker 2011

Ryan Causton

Decided to go back up to the academy yesterday and get a hotel so I could stay for the whole of the tournament and soak up the atmosphere instead of keep having to travel 3 hours back and forth between Gloucester and Eastbourne and I am glad I did. The hotel I am staying at is the Brookthorpe Lodge. A great little bed and breakfast just a 10 minute drive away from the academy and only is £35 a night so not bad at all.


James Hill Snooker Pink Ribbon 2011

James Hill


I arrived early in the evening so most of the matches were done, but it was a busy schedule so I still got a chance to take a few pictures of the amateurs. I managed to catch the end of Sean "The Storm" O'Sullivan's match who if you remember I interviewed a few weeks back before the Q-School. Sean seemed to be striking the ball very well and is an attacking player so it would be great to see him progress in the next few years and get on the main tour.


Sean O'Sullivan Pink Ribbon Snooker 2011

Sean "The Storm" O'Sullivan


Today (Friday) see's the official launch of the Pink Ribbon tournament in the evening which includes the Betfred.com World Champion John Higgins getting off a pink minibus and a pink balloon launch where the guests can buy a balloon in aid of breast cancer charities. There will also be pink champagne and 147 pink pies from the sponsor Peter's Foods so all-in-all a very pink weekend!


Mitchell Mann Ryan Causton Snooker Pink Ribbon 2011

Mitchell Mann and Ryan Causton


Last 256 Results:

Craig Barber 4-0 Ben Forety
Alex Taubman 4-1 David Bailey
Philip Wildman 4-2 James Hill
Ross Muir 4-3 Paul Mount
Ollie DOuglas 3-2 Phil O'Kane
Stephen Ellis 4-0 Alex Hutchings
Daniel Kandi 4-1 Tokki Yamaguchi 
Chris Norbury (132, 54, 59) 4-1 Matthew Lancaster
Alan Tunney 4-0 Alun Squire
Ricky Hong Chin 4-0 Anthony Robson
Ben Harrison 4-1 Darryl Hill
Rob Tickner 4-0 Vicky Gibbs
Neil Tomkins 4-2 Alan Battman
George Scott 4-2 Ben Bennett
Callum Downing 4-0 John Halliwell
Ross Muir (60) 4-3 Nick Pearce 
Sam Harvey 4-2 Michael Rogers
Chris Wakelin 4-0 James Cahill
Gavin Lewis 4-0 Hannah Jones
Bobby Southworth 4-1 Ryan Causton 
Ryan Clark 4-3 Neil Herd
Syd Wilson 4-2 Sean O'Sullivan
Nick Jennings 4-2 Michael Wasley
Gavin Lewis 4-3 Mark Vincent
Nick Pearce (100) 4-1 Shane Castle
James Brown 4-0 Eden Sharav
Rob Valiant 4-0 Lewis Calcutt
Ryan Causton 4-1 Allan Taylor
Stephen Ellis 4-0 Sachin Plaha
Ben Harrison 4-0 Guy Loft
George Scott 4-2 Alex Hutchings
Phil O'Kane (100) 4-2 Adam Edge
Sam Harvey 4-1 James Hill
Richard Remelie 4-2 David Bailey
Michael Rogers 4-1 James Cahill
Neil Herd 4-2 Liam Clark
Daniel WOmersley w/o Gavin Buller
Rob tickner 4-2 Kieran Dwyer
Craig Barber 4-2 Oliver Brown
Lewis Frampton 4-1 Ben Fortey
Richard Remelie (58) 4-3 Paul Mount 
Sean O'Sullivan 4-3 Ollie Douglas
Alan Morgan (62,68) 4-1 Michael Williams
Nick Jennings (87,50,76) 4-0 Darryl Hill
Dave Brown 4-0 Jay Bullen
Syd Wilson 4-2 Jordan Rimmer


Full Preliminary Results:


Stephen Kent 1-4 Ben Fortey
Craig Barber 4-0 James Popplewell
Roland Cox 0-4 (50) David Bailey
Alex Taubman (61) 4-1 Matt Northern
Philip Wildman 4-0 James Loft 
James Hill 4-2 Terry Challenger
Andy Milliard 2-4 (50,74,81) Ross Muir
Paul Mount 4-2 John Hartley
Phil O'Kane 4-0 Sachin Plaha
Ollie Douglas (71,63) 4-0 Paul Mount 
Alex Hutchings 4-0 Guy Loft
Stephen Ellis 4-0 Simon Woodward 
Tom Johnson 1-4 Gavin Lewis
Mark Vincent (50) 4-0 Ryan Clark
James Loft 2-4 (50) Shane Castle
Roland Cox 0-4 (71,64) Nick Pearce
Sanderson Lam 2-4 (82,68,54) Eden Sharav
James Brown 4-0 Bobby Southworth
Tokki Yamaguchi 0-4 (55,61) Robert Valiant
Lewis Calcutt 4-0 Marianne Williams
Liam Saunders 0-4 Allan Taylor
Ryan Causton 4-0 Hannah Jones
Daniel Kandi 1-4 (55) Stephen Ellis
John Hartley 4-1 James Popplewell
Nick Jennings 4-1 (69) Syd Wilson
Gavin Lewis 1-4 (96) Ben Harrison
Ben Fortey 0-4 Michael Dubicki
Roland Cox 3-4 Gavin Buller
Michael Rogers 4-1 Tokki Yamaguchi
Ryan Causton 2-4 (59) Alex Taubman
Greg Midwinter 0-4 Thomas Goldstein
Phil O'Kane 4-0 Marianne Williams
Matt Wilson 0-4 (54,63) Darryl Hill
Neil Herd 2-4 Paul Williams
Oliver Brown 0-4 Kishan Hirani
Chirs Rihcards w/o Gavin Buller
Mitchell Mann (75) 4-1 Ryan Causton 
Adam Edge 1-4 Liam Clark
James Cahill 4-2 Michael Williams
Craig Steadman 4-0 Matt Northern
Ben Harrison 4-1 Lewis Frampton
Eden Sharav 4-2 Robbie Williams
Roland Cox 4-1 Alex Hutchings
Sam Thomas 4-0 Luke Hooper
Nick Pearce (62,69) 4-0 Luke Towner

Posted Jun 3, 2011
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