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Most Shocking Moments in Snooker

Most Shocking Moments in Snooker

Scrutinise these shocking snooker-related events and see if you agree! These moments threatened to upend the gentlemanly reputation the game enjoys.

The Most Shocking Moments in Snooker

This article is all about some of the wildest moments that have occurred during snooker games, things that surprised spectators, came across as unexpectedly harsh, or were simply out of the ordinary.

As players who have found the best betting app in Australia for their snooker wagering will confirm, snooker is quite a gentleman’s game for the most part -these two instances are merely the exceptions that prove the rule.

A War of Words with Quinten Hann

Quinten Hann was a decent, if volatile, player who got agitated very easily. He is a player who sparked a lot of controversy as well, getting drunk before playing and the like, and is quite likely one of the last true bad boys of snooker. The 2004 World Championship game between Hann and Andy Hicks was definitely out of the ordinary!

Tensions were high, thanks to the fact that many people were aware that Hann would no longer be a part of the elite of the snooker world if he lost the match. Hann had beaten Hicks in three previous matches, and had not been very sportsmanlike about these wins, gloating openly about beating Hitch.

However, the Cream of Devon, as Hicks was nicknamed, managed to beat the Australian player with a final score of 10 - 4 in this game, and couldn’t resist a remark about Hann slipping out of the Top 16 when they were shaking hands. Hann went wild, remarking on Hicks’ short stature and baldness, and offering to fight him in the street for 50 grand.

Accusations of Bullying by Ronnie O’Sullivan

Ronnie O'SullivanWhenever there are events which threaten to bring the world of snooker into disrepute, Ronnie O’Sullivan is usually somehow involved. This one, however, took a strange turn. Not only did O’Sullivan reveal how World Snooker is allegedly treating certain players, he also came forward about how frequently he felt he was unfairly treated, and brought the idea of whether or not this contributed to his mental health deteriorating that season to the fore.

The Turmoil Around the 2017 Masters

O’Sullivan criticised ref Terry Camilleri in the match he took part in against Marco Fu, along with a photographer who kept moving into his eyeline and snapping pictures when O’Sullivan was down on the shot, at the 2017 Masters.

O’Sullivan stated that it felt almost like players were made to pay a price for managing to get further ahead in tournaments, where additional interest inevitably lay. This is the reason he said that he did not speak out in press conferences, too, saying that it involved even more scrutiny, and possibly punishment, being meted out to him, and his words getting taken out of context.

O’Sullivan also stated that he felt that his offences got more coverage than the ones made by other top players, and he also made the poor tone and etiquette of the World Snooker communications sent him confirming the penalties he was due to pay in terms of monetary fines. He said that he would often receive them 24 hours before a big event, and that this made it difficult for him to prepare properly for what lay ahead.

The reason this makes it on to the most shocking moments in snooker list is that it is proof positive that bullying is a real problem on a variety of platforms, and is not limited to schoolyards and such. 

Posted Jan 14, 2018
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